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Time of Butterflies

Creating a Path for Healing






Our Story

Our story began when our founders, Giselle Bonilla and Kat Bonilla discovered firsthand, the lack of support and resources available for survivors of abuse who are women of color in Boston, MA, and for the first time they talked about their traumas with each other. Due to the lack of resources and services, they were left alone to heal and during that process they were able to discover the power of healing within a community. Through the exchange of stories and community support, a path for healing was created for themselves and other women of color.


Inspired by the story of the Mirabal sisters, who worked with many communities in the Dominican Republic to stand up to their oppressor, they named Time of Butterflies after their story and what it representedTime of Butterflies represents healing through the power of community.  



Time Of Butterflies creates a supportive community that provides a healing space for women of color.


We counter the experience of trauma with a sensitive and competent multidisciplinary response. We focus on community building, by providing a space for women to come together. We believe that the best healing happens within a community, and our goal is to provide resources, workshops and events to help improve the quality of life of women affected by trauma.

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