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What our Community has to Say

"Very inspirational and reflective, thank you for the lunch and the free gift! Thanks!"

"They were very inviting and made it feel like a community."

"I have many takeaways from the workshop but what stood out the most is the idea that therapy has different forms of healing. This is something that many people do not understand but I do believe that exposure to the resources and any relevant information is beneficial to understanding the healing process. Lastly, the information that was provided was well organized and explained. This left a lasting impression."

"I liked everything. I loved the rock activity. It truly gave me a feel of what I am worth and reminded me who I am. Sometimes I tend to forget my worth, and this workshop gave me the uplifting Ive been needing for a really long time. Thank you TOB. Great workshop"

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"The information and activities were excellent. It was much needed in such stressful times. The outdoor feel was def a positive vibe."

"Everyone was inviting. It was a safe space to allow myself to really self reflect. I loved the tundra?(sound thing ) I loved the positivity This was truly self care and it was great that it was led by someone that I can find relatable. The food was an extra plus. I was rushing and had not had anything. Thank you for the knowledge gained."

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"The skill-building workshop was highly beneficial for my growth of knowledge regarding utilizing new information and resources to advance the mental health mission further. The Time of Butterflies team is highly knowledgeable and resourceful, which in general provided a safe space for participants to share their stories and questions. In summary, y’all are DOPE!"


Real Talk


Article by: Jessica Hoppe

Article Link: Real Talk

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